Project results and success

The project aimed to raise the public awareness of the people. To achieve this aim:

  • we held trainings;
  • created website;
  • 18 videos were prepared;
  • 21 photos were prepared;
  • 25 essays were prepared;
  • all materials were placed on website both in Azeri and in English;
  • training materials and videos were placed on website, etc.;

The project attendees attended the trainings on human rights. Remedium Law Centre involved creative individuals to enlighten ordinary individuals on human rights visually and in written form via short films, photos and essays. So, we disseminated “each one, teach one” principle. In this way, wide auditorium was aware of their rights. All are able to see the project materials on RLC website, social networks, etc.

Remedium Law Center executed the project stage by stage and we have done all stages and met all the goals successfully.

The project attendees prepared materials on following fields:

  1. Right to freedom and right of privacy
  2. Right of fair court investigation
  3. Right to personal and family life
  4. Freedom of expression
  5. Freedom of assembly
  6. Protection of property
  7. Right to thought, conscious and religion
  8. Right to health
  9. Consumer right
  10. Women rights
  11. Right to life
  12. Children rights
  13. Torture ban
  14. Labor right
  15. Presumption of innocence etc.

The materials prepared by the competition participants were presented to the public; press-releases were issued about these competitions in mass media, social networks, etc. The press-releases, information, videos, photos, training materials spreaded on the internet and media related our activities are the indicator of the program’s success.

Project continue in accordance with “Teaching by learning” principle. Website created in the project framework will be updated with the following:

  • essays in Azeri and English
  • films
  • photos
  • training video recordings
  • information about projects on human rights

Any individual will be able to access information on human rights. Individuals will have possibility to publicize their essays, films and paintings in accordance with the “open door” policy. This website will become virtual resource and training centre on human rights. As continuation of project, FAQ section was created in website. FAQ section visitors will get information of their rights.





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